Autism - Self Worth

Am I okay? Am I really that different? Sometimes I struggle. Do others struggle? Weaknesses? Strengths? Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. What makes me different? Are there others like me? I want to be me, and find what works for me. I am unique, and that is okay. I may have different needs, but I am not a burden.

Am I good enough?

If God had wanted me otherwise, he would have created me otherwise.

You are important and you matter. Your feelings matter. Your voice matters. Your story matters. Your life matters. Always.

I am more than autism. silly, brilliant, caring, mysterious, interesting, smart, funny, gifted, exceptional, zany, brave, happy, intriguing, talented, clever, sensitive, keen, intelligent, curious, gifted, goofy, unique, charismatic, blessed, amusing, smart, wise, humorous, aware, bright, witty, inspirational, strong, kind, lively, loving, creative, spirited, human

Autism is only one part of me.

I am worthless. I am ugly. I am a burden.

I have a problem with low self-esteem which is really ridiculous when you consider how amazing I am.

You're amazing just the way you are.

You are worthy simply because you were born!

Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth.

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