Autism - Strengths

Common Strengths and Talents - Individuals with autism spectrum disorders:



Strengths: People with ASDs can be effective and highly valued empployees who can offer employers unique strengths that can benefit their organization.

Employing people with autism: untapped talent - People with autism have a great deal to offer the world of business and may have unique skills and abilities that will help an organization thrive. As well as their individual strengths and talents, candidates with autism may demonstrate above-average skills in some or all of the following areas:

talkative, curious, blunt, visual, loving, deliberate, focused, unique, funny, humorous, scientific, perceptive, solitary, accepting, motivated, diligent, intelligent, work-ethic, dependable, technological, philosopher, detail-oriented, non-competitive, logical, unmanipulative, unassuming, nondescriminatory, thinker, trustworthy, special-interests, genuine, just, three dimensional thinker, optimist, knowledgeable, unpretentious, integrity, vocabulary, animal lover, independent, perseverance, honest, problem solver, steadfast, innocent, passionate, conscientious, reliable, well-read, collector, enthusiastic, learned, direct, memorizer, nonhierarchical, unprejudiced, sensitive, loyal, creative

Employment dilemma for individuals with autism spectrum disorder

Today's Top Tip: Unleash the power of the neuro-diverse brain. Work with your strengths and turn on the light!

If you got rid of all the autistic genetics, you'd have no future generation for the silicon valley. - Temple Grandin

Autism is our superpower.

I have autism. What's your superpower?