Autism - Seeeing

Can you tell I have autism just by looking at me? Many disabilities are invisible. Don't judge what you cannot see.

Look at autism with your heart. Your eyes might miss something.

Autism is talent, intelligence, happiness, and love disguised as a neurodevelopmental condition.

I see you don't see me. Can you see me... Are you aware? autism awareness

Autism is not a disease. Look into my eyes. Look deeper into my soul. I am human just like you. I have feelings, dreams, and passions. I am not "retarded". My mind is trapped. I cannot fully express the depths of my heart. I feel buried alive. The world around me feels all jumbled up like jigsaw pieces. I don't need your judgement or cure. I need your love, patience, and understanding.

Autism isn't a disease...'s a DIFFERENCE. Autistic pride asserts that autistic people are not sick; rather, they have a unique set of characteristics that provide them many rewards and challenges, not unlike their non-autistic peers.

People look a lot. They depend on their vision. But when we look at each other ... we only see the outside part. (...invisible...) Most of being a person is the inside part but it is invisible and complicated. Still, many people make conclusions only using what they can see.

And if what they see seems sufficiently different... often people are afraid. Be brave. Presume competence. Embrace the value of being a human being for all people.Choose love.

If all you see is autism, autism, autism, you will miss loving, smart, funny, sweet, insightful, unconditional, empathetic, uniquely observant, impeccably talented, ever so intelligent, and capable of creating extraordinary change in the world.

There are times I notice people talking about us as if we are not there reading and listening to what is being said about us. But we are and this saddens me when this happens. This can leave autistic individuals excluded and outside of such discussions. We have to "break in" to the comments and the conversations. We have to interrupt in order to be heard and some people on the spectrum may find this incredibly difficult to do. Sometimes people are so determined to get their point accross that they still do not hear us or truly acknowledge what it is we are expressing about ourselves. This hurts. This can work against us and further the silence that we are attempting to break with our words, our stories, and opinions. Each of us has our own experiences and something valuable to share if people will only be open to hear what it is we have to say.

Autism is more than a word... It is who I am. I live in your world. I exist in mine. Awareness and acceptance will bring them together.

seeing the world through the eyes of autism