Autism - Labels

Autistic people deserve better.

Autism is not a tragedy. Ignorance is the tragedy.

Changeling. Shell. Trapped behind walls of autism. Mysterious and puzzling. Incapable of empathy. An excuse to be an asshole. A disease like cancer. Retarded. Unteachable. Lost cause. Idiot. Suffering. Better off dead.

Genius. Savant! Mysterious and awe-inspiring. Awesome at computers. Great at math. Can count anything perfectly with just a glance, just like Rainman. Just like Einstein!!!

Autistic people are alternately demonized or sensationalized, and in either case stereotyped. They are portrayed as a tragedy, the uncommunicative child rocking in the corner, devoid of her humanity. They are set on a pedestal, the brilliant savant who will revolutionize physics but never learn to tie his shoes.

Autistic people are, however, none of these things, they are human beings, complete in themselves, regardless of their level of support needs. And these stereotypes do little more than dehumanize and dismiss their very real personhood. Dehumanization makes it all too easy to justify abuse, neglect, and violation of human rights. If dehumanization of autistic people is to end, autistic people must be considered as people, which means understanding that not everyone with a particular label is going to conform to an assumption.

Please don't use the word retarded. I am a beautiful person. I am Isabella!

Which label would you rather have? naughty, bad, dyslexic, stupid, A.D.H.D, disruptive, autistic, rude, ignorant

Words hit harder than a fist...

I need autism awareness because those who are affected do not deserve to be called 'retards'.

label jars - not people


They call me a freak but I'm just autistic.

Is your child high or low functioning? Does it really matter?