Autism - Manners

I have autism. What's your excuse?

Kindly modify your behavior and stop staring. Autism isn't a choice.

While you were staring at my child wondering what was wrong with them... I was thinking exactly the same about you and your manners.

I'm not misbehaving. I have autism. Please be understanding.

I'm not ignoring you, I have autism.

Getting to the root of challenging behavior by addressing its function.

My son has autism. He's not being naughty. He has a neurological disorder. If he could communicate better, he would say: Please be patient with me as I learn to function in the community. I mean no harm. I may learn differently and not act the same way as you, but I'm doing the best I can.

Autism affects the way that a person perceives the world around them. Someone with autism may appear as though they are ignoring you, have poor social skills, have limited eye contact, exhibit repetitive rehaviors, have difficulty adjusting to change in routine, laugh or appear upset for no apparent reason. Thank you for respecting my family as we journey down the path of autism.

Understanding autism... If you have a question concerning my child or her behavior, please ask rather than make negative assumptions about her or my parenting.

Stop. When you see that child screaming uncontrollably on the floor of the supermarket... Before you blame the parents... Before you judge the child... Stop. You may be seeing autism at it's terrifying, exasperating worst. That poor little soul may simply have seen, heard or smelled something new, and not quite right. And responded in the way the condition dictates. So stop. Stop judging, stop blaming. Try to understand or move on.

My child is not broken, misbehaved, diseased, faulty, defective, ruined, inadequate or damaged. My child has autism. We just ask for acceptance.

Remember: The way you treat autistic adults now is how you are telling the world to treat your own autistic children.

Autism - My child having autism dosen't change the way I feel about him... The way you treat him changes the way I feel about you.

Sorry my autism doesn't come with a mute button.

My child is not giving me a hard time... My child is having a hard time.

Stop doing that!