Autism - Positive Way

Look beyond autism and see someone special.

"The New Look"

Characteristic: Intense absorption in a topic or field of interest.

Characteristic: Professional, mono-toned manner of speaking.

Characteristic: Discomfort or inability at small talk. Sees no logic in it.

Characteristic: Inflexibility. Need for routine. Disliking of change.

Characteristic: Problems with imagination - may have played out most noticeably when the individual was a child, as a difficulty with "imaginative" play.

Characteristic: Problems with non-artistic activities or fields of study.

Characteristic: Says whatever comes into their head, unaware of the potential damage the statement might cause.

Characteristic: Penchant for interrupting others.

Characteristic: Stimming: Involuntary reflex actions such as flapping the hands or feet; rocking, or making noises.

Characteristic: Difficulty in staying on a topic and following the thread of the ongoing conversation.

Characteristic: Is fooled easily.