Autism - Parents

Parents with a child on the autistic spectrum have to adapt to being: a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, a psychologist, a secretary, a hairdresser, an advocate, an educator (for those rude people who are quick to judge), a light sleeper or can operate on very little sleep, a fighter, a believer

Autism - I am a parent. I am a care giver. I am a family member. It is my job to see the world through this child's eyes, explain this child to teachers, and explain this child to the comunity. It is my priviledge to fight for this child's needs, plead for early intervention, have this child in my life. April is autism awareness month.

Society says you're autistic but, to me you're perfect.

Autism gives us all a suitcase full of gifts and challenges. Just pick up your suitcase and enjoy your journey.

We shall travel this road together...

Children with autism come into our lives... leaving big imprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. Always Unique Totally Inteligent Sometimes Mysterious

Autism acceptance is 1,000 acts of love carried out everyday to improve my child's quality of life.

Tian enjoys a peacefult and quiet life with her son, Yang Tao. "Autistic children cannot be cured and they will not change. So the people who need to change are us." - Tian Huiping

I am an autistic mum. I am an advocate. I am the expert when it comes to my child. I will celebrate every milestone no matter how late. I am a warrior. I will always put my children first. I will learn new ways to teach my son. I will spread awareness and acceptance. I will survive on very little sleep. I will fight at IEPs, TAC meetings and statement reviews. I will never accept defeat.

We are our child's best therapist.

We must consider our purpose in helping a person with autism, is it to enrich their life, or make ours easier?

Recovery from autism - Autism is a lifelong disability that is most likely genetic in origin. Nonetheless, claims that children have been "cured" from autism and have lost their diagnosis have been reported and are often given excessive attention in the media. But focusing on recovery distracts from attending to the needs of autistic individuals in the here and now. Parents may put all their energy and resources into so-called "cures" for autism, instead of focusing on the individual in front of them, and on the educational needs of that individual. Recovery from autism is neither possible, nor desirable.

People don't recover from autism they recover into autism.

Autism causes stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, money, marital, and family problems. Autism ia a constant worry and is the unknown. What can we do to change this? Be strong, stay positive, stick together, support each other, love each other and fight for what we believe in... our children.

The lives of families adapting to support their family members with autism are facing new challenges as well: