Autism - Love

I love autistic children.

Living with autism is hard... but loving our son is easy.

I have autism. No need to feel sorry for my parents. They love me the way I am.

I do not long for a non-autistic version of my child. I have the child I want. I love the exact child I have. Shine a light on that.

The cure for autism is unconditional love. Share if you agree.

I love someone with autism to the moon and back.

I see your true colors and that's why I love you.

I love a child with autism.

I love someone with autism.

It is our wish that you see yourself as we see you and that you remember the depth of your power, beauty, and grace. That if you live each day as if your human existance is a precious gift and trust that you are loved beyond measure. Because it is and you are. With love always, Your Angels

Roses are red, violets are blue. I love someone with autism and they love me too.

Someone with autism makes me proud every single day!

Autism. Where hearts melt and hearts break on a daily basis, sometimes at the same time. Autism is hard, love is easy. My child is worth every moment.

Dear Son, I do not always understand the things you do, but I see the endless beauty inside of you. Sometimes I wish that the world would see it too, but all that matters is that I love you. I love the way you see the world we live in, in a way that is undeniably different. Your sometimes lost in thoughts I will never understand, but I know if I give you time you'll teach me about your land. I know you do not always understand the things I do, but I hope you know how much I have learnt from you. And how much I will always love you.

My autistic child - priceless