Autism - Development

Don't just imagine a better world for autistic people. Create it.

Catch Mistakes - honesty, responsibility, making it better, forgiving, learning

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. - Maya Angelou

What can I say to myself?
Instead ofTry thinking
I'm not good at this.What am I missing?
I'm awesome at this.I'm on the right track!
I give up.I'll use some of the strategies we've learned.
This is too hard.This may take some time and effort.
I can't make this any better.I can always improve so I'll keep trying.
I just can't do math.I'm going to train my brain in math.
I made a mistake.Mistakes help me to learn better.
She's so smart. I will never be that smart.I'm going to figure out how she does it so I can try it!
It's good enough.Is it really my best work?
Plan A didn't workGood thing the alphabet has 25 more letters!

You have dealt with so much and done the best that you can. Take a moment now to appreciate how strong you are.

Stop. Think. Choose. - Calm down and breathe deeply. What is the problem? What are your options? Make your choice. Consider everyone's feelings. What are the consequences of your actions? Talk to someone you trust for support.

Self Control - 1. Stop 2. think 3. what could happen? that what you want?

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Things I know for sue: There is a God. I am loved. The sun will shine. I will survive autism.

Faith, repentance, baptism, and enduring to the end are the blueprints of life.

Autism and Faith - Faith isn't the ability to believe long and far into the misty future. It's simply taking God at his Word and taking the next steps.

How to ask for a job:

It's OK to hug your mother... It's not OK to hug the mail carrier. (stranger circle, wave circle, handshake circle, far away hug circle, hug circle, private circle)

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs