Autism - Acceptance

Acceptance - the greatest gift you can give to someone with autism. Always Unique Totally Intelligent Sometimes Mysterious

for everybody, autism acceptance is, treating autistic people as people, joint echolalia, unashamed, universal design, following my IEP, best practices, stimming together, knowing my rights, real jobs for real pay, natural, still a cause that needs attention, a basic human right, self acceptance, working with my headphones on, communication, talking to me not my aide, integrated classrooms, listening to behavior, listening to me when I am hard to understand, not telling people to look at you, getting the help I need, paying my autistic employees a real wage, respecting my rights, welcoming the world, love, inclusion, knowing joy, allowing my child to stim, presuming competence, proud, loud hands, unconditional, providing sensory-free rooms, allowing people to stim, the radical notion that autistics are people, listening, understanding, what will allow my child to flourish, unapologetic, where normal is self-defined, respect, diversity, scripting, respecting all forms of communication, working on the floor, a community affair, stimming in public without shame, open mindedness

Kids with special needs are not weird or odd. They only want what everyone else wants... To be accepted.

I don't have aspergers or autism but many of my friends do and I accept them for who they are! You should too!

Autists are the ultimate square pegs, and the problem with pounding a square peg into a round hole is not that the hammering is hard work. It's that you're destroying the peg.

Life's a puzzle, literally. You'll meet all kinds of people, nobody's perfect, we've got strengths and weaknesses, some are stronger, some are not (that's okay), some just don't 'click', for some, they just needed a change in angle and sometimes, you need to realise that some things are not meant to be. Some can get along with only a couple of people, some even more, as I said, you'll meet all kinds of people and it would be a mess if you don't know whom you choose to mix with. But if you do... it all fits in perfectly.

Autism acceptance month: Acceptance is an action.

Embrace power and acceptance use the word autistic!

When we can say we're a society that's not merely aware, but that's actually in acceptance of autism, then our behaviors will be recognized as characteristics of a person, not symptoms of a disorder.

Love me for who I am, not for who you hope I'll be someday. Love isn't about fixing me. Its about accepting me.