Autism - Autism Deficits

Autism, caring, funny, unique, awkward, scared, kindness, frail, rage, frustration, joy, sensitive, love, beautiful, fear, meltdown, smart, adorable, surprising, obsession, honesty, brave, strong, anger, clever, alone

Autism is generally evident before age 3 and ranging from mild to major. Autism is a developmental disability affecting verbal and non-verbal communication and social interaction.

Hi, how are you?

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over stimulation, sensory overload, loud noises, phone calls, work stress, sunlight, uncomfortable clothing, darkness, scary movies, driving, summer heat, unexpected changes, music, cooking, touch, traffic, relationships, nighttime, paying bills, bright lights, big crowds

Theory of Mind - the ability to take another's perspective or "put yourself in their shoes"

Theory of Mind Strategies:

Children with autism may experience difficulties with: