Autism - Perseveration

how my brain works - utterly obsessed or uninterested

hiatus and comeback, hiatus and comeback, ...

It's an autism thing you wouldn't understand.

It's not an obsession. It's a perseveration.

I don't obsess. I perseverate.

He stubbornly insisted his computer was a laptop.

My brian is different. But the thoughts and emotions in it are as real, as valid, as beautiful, and as important as anyone's.

Autism is: X - not having friends, X - being withdrawn, X - a lack of empathy, Check - a neurological difference. Autism is not a crime.

We all have different stripes. We can't always see eye to eye, that's the beauty of it!

People living with autism can find it distressing to make eye contact with others think I am being rude but my brain is just wired differently and it's too much for me to handle because sometimes their minds decipher the world intellectually rather than intuitively. This means they're unable to filter out any unwanted information their senses come in contact with every second I look someone in the eye I take over a thousand pictures that all flood my mind at once making social interactions with other people very hard to cope with. Their inability to coordinate multiple senses at once makes it very difficult to interpret the various social cues that people are making friends is very hard for me I know I'm not like everyone else but I get lonely too which can make them feel very frustrated and isolated.

I think that autistic brains tend to be specialized brains. Autistic people tend to be less social. It takes a ton of processor space in the brain to have all the social circuits. - Temple Grandin