Autism - Emotions

Just because someone with autism may find it hard to express their feelings, that doesn't mean they don't have any feelings to express.

My stripes may be different but my heart beats the same.

What autism is not - While it is crucial to know what the autism spectrum encompasses, it is also important to identify what autism is not. Here are a few things commonly confused with autism spectrum disorders:

Autistic people have empathy. They feel. They think. They know. They love. They hug. They kiss. It might not be when we want it or expect it but it dosen't mean they're not feeling it.

Just because they don't talk it doesn't mean they don't have anything to say - ideas, dislikes, preferences, feelings, thoughts.

Myth: Children with autism aren't happy and don't smile. BUSTED.

Autism myth: People with autism don't want friends. TRUTH - Though social challenges may make it difficult to interact with peers, children and adults with autism both need and want the chance to make friends.

Sign your emotions: aggravated, angry, ashamed, brave, cheerful, confused, depressed, eager, embarrassed, excited, frustrated, grieving, grouchy, guilty, happy, hateful, hurt, jealous, laughing, lazy, lonely, mean, nervous, peaceful, proud, relaxed, sad, satisfied, scared, selfish, shocked, silly, sorry, surprised, vain, worried

Are you aware of how you are feeling now? aggressive, agonized, anxious, apologetic, arrogant, bashful, blissful, bored, cautious, cold, concentrating, confident, curious, demure, determined, disappointed, disapproving, disbelieving, disgusted, distasteful, eavesdropping, ecstatic, enraged, envious, exasperated, exhausted, frightened, frustrated, grieving, guilty, happy, horrified, hot, hungover, hurt, hysterical, idiotic, indifferent, innocent, interested, jealous, loaded, lonely, lovestruck, meditative, mischievous, miserable, negative, obstinate, optimistic, pained, paranoid, perplexed, prudish, puzzled, regretful, relieved, sad, satisfied, sheepish, shocked, smug, surly, surprised, suspicious, sympathetic, thoughtful, turned-on, undecided, withdrawn

optimism, love, submission, awe, dispproval, remorse, contempt, aggressiveness

lost in thought

Autism Meltdown / Shutdown Chart - Please give me a quiet dark space. Thank you.

Stimming now is better than meltdowning later

Tantrum vs. Meltdown

Remember people with autism have feelings too. Be sensitive and tolerant.